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Raina is excited for Orange Caramel’s comeback

After School‘s Raina posted a cute selca on Twitter recently, and expressed her excitement about sub-unit Orange Caramel‘s comeback.

Shin Dongho's me2day Update

바가지머리였는데 오늘은 특별히 컬을 살짝 줘봤어요~ 어때요?ㅎㅎ

Ji Hyun Woo reveals, “Jay Park looked discourteous at first sight.

On the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, Ji Hyun Woo appeared and said, “When I first met Jay he was wearing slippers and said hi by nodding slightly. To tell you the truth, he seemed discourteous.”

2011 Girls Generation tour in Singapore confirmed! 0

For all the fans of Girls Generation in Singapore, we’re calling you boys and girls to pay attention as your patience has been made shorter! .”

SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Kara’s Jiyoung and f(x)’s Amber appear on the set for Invincible Youth Season 2 0

At 10:00 p.m. on October 19, Boom, a popular entertainer and host, tweeted photos with the comment: “We successfully completed the shooting of the first episode of Invincible Youth Season 2. Who are we? Where are we? What should we think? I don’t care whatever it is because we are young! Cheer up, dudes! Let’s run for our youthful days!!! I wish Invincible Youth Season 2 success!”
The photos feature SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Kara’s Jiyoung and f(x)’s Amber. In a photo, the girls are just sitting in the middle of the mountain path along with Boom, while in the other, they look as if flying in the air, shouting out encouraging words.
The shooting for the first episode of Invincible Youth was conducted on October 19 in a costal village.
The first episode will air at 11:00 p.m. on November 12 with three main emcees (Lee Su Geun, Boom and Ji Hyeon Woo) and several big name guests (SNSD’s Sunny, Hyoyeon, Kara’s Jiyoung, Miss A’s Suzzy, f(x)’s Amber, Sistar’s Bora, Rainbow’s Go Woo Ri and Jewelry’s Ye Won.

Source: Starnews (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Starnews

Translated by Geum Jae /

Yoona beat Ko Hyun Jung and Son Ye Jin as a queen of beauty 0

Yoona of Girl’s Generation was selected as a nature beauty.
TV Y-STAR’s I’m Wondering selected a nature beauty through interviews in the street and requested verification of a doctor for plastic surgery. I’m Wondering will be aired on 22nd at 11 p.m.
Many people selected Ko Hyun Jung, Kim Jung Eun, Kim Sa Rang, Kim Ha Neul, Son Ye Jin, Lim Su Jung, Choi Gang Hee, Park Ha Sun and more among actress. Yoona of Girl’s Generation, Goo Hara of Kara, Park Bom of 2NE1, Kang Min Kyung of Davichi, G.NA and more among singers were selected.
A doctor for plastic surgery compared the look of the past and present and estimated that only Yoona, Choi Gang Hee and Park Ha Sun had no plastic surgeries.
Yoona is the queen of beauty. Choi Gang Hee and Park Ha Sun have no differences between the look of the past and present.
Female celebrities that have many differences between the look of the past and present might spend from one million won to 25 million won.\

Source: TV Report
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Hyo Min of T-ara makes a public apology. “I’m a little upset because it wasn’t my intention. I will try harder.” 0

On the 20th, Hyo Min of T-ara carefully posted, “I know how important greeting other people is. So I try to give my best shot at everything I do.”
Hyo Min continued, “To tell you the truth, I am a little upset because I didn’t have any ill thoughts, nor was it my intention to do that. However, I realized that it could be seen differently despite what my intentions were. Therefore, I will try harder than before.”
Hyo Min ended her comment by writing, “I examined myself and realized that me being upset is wrong. Thank you for reading this and I will make sure something like this does not happen again. Sorry to have let you down.”
T-ara’s misbehavior became a controversy. Hyo Min explained her situation, but Mose’s comment worsened the situation.
Mose tweeted, “This certain girl group is on the rise. I knew it. They are famous for not saying hi. I met the girl who made an excuse, but she never said hi to me. Even when I met her in the recording room, she just ignored me.”

FYI: This incident occurred because singer Moses said some unflattering words regarding the following incident  >

Source: TV Report
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Super Junior Heechul check on Kim Jang Hoon 0

Super Junior member Heechul visits Kim Jang Hoon in the hospital.
Recently, Kim Jang Hoon updated his me2day with a picture of Heechul and himself. He wrote, “Since when did my room become a pork shop? hahaha Heechul-shi came to visit me after work. My mood become better after his visit. I receive your support and will get well soon. I’ll be back on stage..”

In the picture Heechul and Kim are having meal together.
Kim Jang Hoon and Super Junior have very amicable relations. Earlier this month, Heechul and Kim had released a duet, ‘Break ups are so like me’. Previously, Super Junior Yesung had also showed concern for Jang Hoon.

Source: Kim Jang Hoon’s me2day
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KARA’s Park Gyuri is close to soccer player Ki Sung Yong 0

KARA’s Park Gyuri and soccer player Ki Sung Yong are close friends.
On the 19th, Park appeared on MBC’s Radio Star and called Ki to prove that KARA and he are friends.
As soon as Ki answered the phone he started saying something private which puzzled Park. He said, “Yesterday…” and Park stopped Ki quickly.
MCs for the show asked him, “What were you going to say? What did you do last night?” Ki replied, “I downloaded Inkigayo where KARA appeared.” Ki added, “Park and I are close friends.”
The show drew a lot of attention when announcer Choi Il Goo used a popular online term at the beginning of the show.

Source: TV Report
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Boom tweets the new Invincible Youth! 0

KBS has recently announced the cast lineup for the second season of Invincible Youth. Popular TV host Boom has been selected as the host for the second season.
Boom just uploaded pictures of him posing with 4 other members of the new cast on his twitter account. One shot looks like an artistic shot, looking away from the camera. The other shot is a fun jumpshot.
Are you excited for Invincible Youth 2?

Source: Boom’s twitter

Secret reveals its picture before the returning stage: “We’re so excited for the performance!” 0

Secret shows excitement before giving its return performance.
On the 20th, a picture of Secret was uploaded on M. net’s official Twitter with the comment “Love Is Move. Four Madonna’s are returning as hot sexy girls: Secret!”
In the picture, Secret’s members are making cute poses for the camera in stage costumes. They seem to be excited for its returning stage.
Netizens comment: “Secret is coming back! I’m looking forward to it!” “I wonder what their sexy-look would look like.”
Secret released its first official album Love Is Move on the 18th and is giving return performance on the 20th.

Source: Starnews
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Ahn Sun Young took a picture with Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong. 0

Ahn Sun Young released a picture and expressed herself delighted.
Ahn Sun Young posted a picture on her Twitter on 18th and said, “I saved this country in previous life. Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Kyu Jong”
In the picture, Ahn Sun Young is standing between Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong, putting arms around their shoulders and posing for a picture. Her big smile indicates how happy she is.
Many people said, “She looks so happy.” “I feel jealous of you.”
She is the host of I Like Radio of Ahn Sun Young now.

Source: TV Report
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U-Kiss grabs fans’ heart with its great language skills 0

At the 2011 Asia Song Festival with UNICEF which was held in Daegu on the 15th, U-Kiss won Asia Influential Artist Award and gave performance with SNSD, Super Junior, Lee Seung Gi, and B2ST. The group is currently taking a hiatus due to its leader Soohyun’s vocal fold nodules. But, the group appeared and with Soohyun’s spirit and other members’ fluent language skills earned great feedback from the audience.

Soohyun began the performance by saying, “I’ll definitely perform even if I was going to collapse on stage.” His throat was not in good condition, but he sang three songs, anyway, including “Neverland.” After the performance, the group greeted its fans in three languages: English by Kevin, Chinese by Eli, and Japanese by Dongho. Fans complimented U-Kiss saying it is a “multinational” singing group.

U-Kiss has successfully closed its show at the festival and began its activities with the song “Someday.”

Via : allkpop

SNSD “The Boys” MV revealed! 0

Wait no more, SONEs, for the much-anticipated music video of So Nyuh Shi Dae(SNSD) has been revealed! Keeping their promise, SM Entertainment uploaded the korean version of “The Boys” on their official youtube channel.

The first full minute portrays an instrumental introductory plot, from a snow white background to that of red petals falling from above. This time round, the girls don’t seem to be wearing outfits of similar style. There is an overall black colour theme going on, with unique details for each individual member.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the stage outfits will look like! Keep a lookout for their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 21 October! Meanwhile enjoy the music video, and share your thoughts on it!

Source: SMTOWN (video)
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Krystal of f(x) is extremely happy to receive early birthday presents, “Fans are awesome!” 0

Krystal (real name is Jung Soo Jung) of f(x) revealed a picture to show off her gifts.
On the 18th, she uploaded a few pictures with the comment “Awesome!”
In the picture, Krystal is surrounded by gift boxes. She is wearing a bright smile checking the gifts that her fans sent her.
Netizens commented: “Wow, there are so many gifts.” “You’re awesome too Krystal!” “Jackpot! Congratulations.”
Krystal will turn 18 on upcoming 24th. She is playing the role of Ahn Soo Jung on MBC’s High Kick 3.

Source: Starnews
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Kahi of After School joins Ddasamo 0

On the 18th, actress Kim Seon Ah uploaded a picture and posted on her me2day, “Kahi, the new face of ‘Ddasamo’(An abbreviation in Korean meaning: Gathering of warm hearted people who do volunteer work). It’s been a while Yoo Jin. I’m uploading the three of us since Yoo Jin uploaded the group picture…”
In the picture, Kahi of After School, Kim Seon Ah, and So Yoo Jin are making V signs with their fingers. Kim showed her appreciation by saying, “Kahi! Thank you for giving me flowers on the movie preview of Fighting Spirit. I was deeply touched!”

Kim also uploaded the group picture with the comment “Dear members of Ddasamo! Thank you all for your efforts. We will keep on volunteering with warm hearts. Oh, and Mr. Ryu Siwon! Thank you for bringing shirts for Ddasamo. You are so sensible!”
The members of Ddasamo held a bazaar to help the needy.

Source: TV Report
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JUNO teases for upcoming 2nd Single! 0

JUNO, JYJ Kim Junsu‘s brother, is making a comeback with a brand new 2nd single!
Titled “believe… ~Kimi wo Shinjite~“, the japanese song will also be featured as the theme song  for upcoming drama “Kaikan Strawberry ~Himitsu no Hanazono~“, in which JUNO is cast. The song is also said to be his first ballad.

Like always, a short preview was uploaded on AVEX’s youtube channel to tease the fans. The plot seems to be leaning towards a sad love story, with JUNO seen drenched in the rain singing.

Source: AVEX
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Wonder Girls don’t care. Secret ready to face SNSD 0

Popular Korean girl group SNSD are making their comeback on November 19th. SNSD’s popularity and great fandom is not hidden and thousands of people are anticipating their 3rd album. Many K-pop groups reschedule their album release dates because of SNSD’s, just to avoid any possible confrontation with them. But, there are two k-pop girls group who have some other views.

In the recent interview with Star News, Secret revealed their feeling of having the same album release week as SNSD. Secret patiently answered, “SNSD is a dominant group and we respect them as our seniors. It would be a total lie if we say that we are not worried. Besides, in our two year career, we have never thought to compete with any group. We are confident in ourselves and believe to give best performance for our fans.”

While talking about their album concept and their looks, they said, “If SNSD can show a very highly synchronized choreography with nine members, our four members will be showing our individual charm. The individual charm which each of our member possess will be our black jack for upcoming performances.” Secret member Zinger further added, “If SNSD have tall, sexy model like body, we have our cute, child-like looks.”

However, when the same question was asked to Wonder Girls, they revealed that they believe in making a good album instead of  competing. Wonder Girls’ spokesperson said, “It is not like we didn’t thought about sharing album release date with SNSD, but instead of worrying about competition, we would like to focus on making a better album”

All three groups are renowned groups in Korea and have support of their sincere and loyal fans.  Whose album will be the most successful is a total mystery.

Source: Secretpromise and SNSD fan page
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Jang Keun Suk explained his wink. 0

Jang Keun Suk explained his wink at the 48th DaeJong Film Festival.
Jang Keun Suk posted a picture on his Twitter on 17th and said, “Malicious commenters, please celebrate my master before criticizing me. Celebrate my master. But why did I wink? I will not make an excuse that my eye was itchy.”

Jang Keun Suk appeared on stage to celebrate Kim Ha Neul who won Best Actress for Blind.
Jang Keun Suk gave a bunch of flowers and winked at the camera on stage. Some netizens criticized him for that and he explained.

Also, Jang Keun Suk posted another picture and said, “My master won Best Actress. I celebrated her as a pet. Lee Duk Hwa pulled me to come nearer. Thanks for my master’s portrait rights.” You can’t see Kim Ha Neul because of her portrait rights.

Source: TV Report
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Super Junior Ryeowook’s version of ‘Orange Caramel’ 0

First, Super Junior member Heechul, and now, another member Ryeowook is cheering for ‘Orange Caramel’.
Super Junior Heechul wrote the lyrics for ‘Shanghai Romance’, the title song for the girl group ‘Orange Caramel’. Since its release, SJ members have been cheering for the album.
Previously, Heechul tweeted a picture of ‘Orange Caramel‘ cover photo with his face transposed over the original faces. Now, Ryeowook has tweeted his version. He tweeted, “Orange Caramel.. The title song is written by Heechul hyung! Shang hai zhi lian.. ‘Shanghai Romance’… lol”
His fans responded, “hahaha you look so cute as girl”,”you look better than Heechul”

Source: Ryeowook’s twitter.

Super Junior Yesung showed concern for Kim Jang Hoon 0

SJ’s Yesung worried for Kim Jang Hoon, who has been hospitalized due to his panic attack disorder.
Super Junior member Yesung, who have recently work with Kim Jang Hoon and has become a very close friend, showed his worry in his recent tweet.  He wrote, “I saw the news about Kim jang hoon hyung. I am very upset, hyung has never showed what difficulties he is having…Everyone plz give lots of support to Jang hoon hyung and give him strength. He will face it with your support!!”
Many fans replied to his tweet, “May he recover soon”, “don’t worry oppa he will get well soon”,”ELFs are with him and support him like SJ”

Source: Yesung’s twitter.

Lim Jae Bum compliments FT Island Lee Hong Ki’s voice from “Confession” 0

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki sang “Confession” and Lim Jae Bum complimented him.
Lee Hong Ki stood up on the performance stage at UC Berkeley with the music expedition of Gone with the Wind of MBC TV, aired on the 16th.
He was complimented by the guests and staffs as a good vocalist but got cold feet in front of Lim Jae Bum. So Lim Jae Bum called Lee Hong Ki separately and advised him, “I can see you are afraid of getting scolded. But a singer shouldn’t be like that. You should sing more confidently.”
On this, Lee Hong Ki took the advice sang “Confession” on the stage, proving himself as a good vocalist. After his stage, Lim Jae Bum said, “it was good. Lee Hong Ki already has the shifting sound that only Rock singers have,” complimenting him.

Source: TV Report
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Poseidon’s Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young show some powerful action scenes 0

Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young will display powerful action scenes on the episode of KBS 2TV’s Poseidon that airs on the 17th.
In the last episode, the 9th investigation team that Kim Seon Woo (played by Choi Siwon) and Lee Soo Yoon (played by Lee Si Young) is in, made an elaborate plan and obtained evidence to capture Choi Hee Gon. As a result, they successfully arrested the middle boss Jung Deok Soo (played by Kim Joon Bae). The suspension is rising as the existence of Chang Gil (played by Lee Han Sol), a close acquaintance of Choi He Gon is revealed.

On the last episode, Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young showed off their fighting skills and cooperation with each other.
Choi, who knows Tae Kwon Do, used his tall figure and made some speedy kicks. On the other hand, the ‘boxing queen’ Lee threw some heavy blows at bad guys.

The production crew asserted, “We’re sure that the powerful action scene will satisfy the viewers.”

Source: TV Report
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T-ara’s Eunjung releases a photo with Chae Si Ra at her first practice for Queen Insoo 0

T-ara’s Eunjung released a photo of herself with Chae Si Ra at her first practice for jTBC drama Queen Insoo.
Chae Si Ra and Eunjung took the photo on the 14th at a wedding hall during the practice for their new drama. Eunjung was cast in the role of young queen Insoo, which will be played by Chae Si Ra as a grown-up queen Insoo later. It was reported that they seemed like sisters at the practice.
Eunjung said, “I’m currently going to Dongkuk University which is also a school of Chae Si Ra, so I’ll try my best to learn acting from her with a great respect. I’ll do well on Queen Insoo. Also please give us lots of support and interest for T-ara’s comeback album which will be released in November.”

Queen Insoo is a historical drama about prince Sooyang’s daughter-in-law who desires to become a queen. The drama is planning to intensely describe conflicts and agonies of three women in the royal family. It stars Kim Mi Sook, Kim Young Ho, and Jin Ji Hee, besides Chae Si Ra and Eunjung.
It is written by Jung Ha Yeon who previously wrote KBS Queen Myeongseong and directed by producer Lee Tae Gon who previously directed MBC The Last Scandal of My Life. With total 50 episodes, it will be first aired in December.

Source: TV Report
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Jang Keun Suk made a special appearance to celebrate Kim Ha Neul 0

On the 17th at 7:40 p.m, Jang Keun Suk made a sudden entrance at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts to celebrate Kim Ha Neul, who was nominated as the best actress.
Jang said, “I’m sorry fellow senior singers. I’m not invited, but I came here right after school to celebrate Kim Ha Neul sister.”

He also gave a good laugh by saying, “You Are A Pet, the movie that I shot with Kim Ha Neul will premiere next month. Much love will be appreciated.”
For the 48th Best Film Awards, Sunny, The Ultimate Weapon: Bow, Hwang Hae, I Love You, The Unjust, and The Frontline are being considered for the award.

Source: TV Report

Son Dam Bi’s unchanging beauty amazes fans: “Look at her superior looks” 0

On the 17th, Son Dam Bi tweeted a picture of herself with the comment, “A picnic in a long time! I’ve come back from Park Yoon Soo’s fashion show. I met Seung Hyun by chance. Hehe.”
In the picture, Son is making a surprised, cute face. Her unchanging beauty grabs attention.
Netizens comment: “You look beautiful.” “Look at your superior looks.” “You look young when you make cute faces.”

Source: Starnews
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Jang Keun Suk treats pizzas for Kim Heechul 0

On the 17th, actor Jang Keun Suk tweeted a picture with the comment “An Asian prince is treating the universal star who is protecting the country! This universal star seems to be very happy after receiving some pizzas after work. Do you see this?”
In this context, the universal star refers to Super Junior’s Kim Heechul while the Asian prince happens to be Jang Keun Suk.
In the picture, Kim is rubbing his short hair and staring at the camera. Three pizzas are seen next to him which are bought by Jang.
Netizens comment: “Glad to see you, Heechul. Although its’ not on TV, I’m happy to see you often on Twitter these days.” “How’s your life as a public service worker?”
Kim has been working as a public service worker in Seoul since September 30.

Source: TV Report
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Park Bom of 2NE1 shows off her sexy body lines in a bathtub 0

2NE1 Park Bom is creating a stir by showing off her sexy body lines in a bathtub.
On the 16th at an online community bulletin board, a picture with the comment “Park Bom looks sexy even in a bathtub.” was uploaded.
In the picture, she is inside a bathtub that is full of bubbles. Her sleek arms, legs, and bright colored bandana stand out.
Netizens commented: “Was this taken in Japan? She looks so happy like a child.” “This is my first time seeing Park Bom like this!”
2NE1 will release their first single album on November 16 in Japan.

Source: TV Report
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Park Shin Hye for KFHI: Ghana and Abana 0

Today Hunger Saver aired a special on MBC to raise money and bring awareness to hungry children all over the world. During the two hour special, they featured stories from four different celebrities who had traveled to four different countries to make a difference: Kenya, India, Ghana, and Peru.

Of these four celebrities, one was Park Shin Hye, who had spent a week in September in Ghana. Her story showed her activities with a little girl named Abana.

You can see how close Shin Hye and Abana were. Abana is such a beautiful and shy child. Shin Hye was overwhelmed with tears watching Abana, her situation, and the children. Her tears were heartfelt and touching. It showed how tenderhearted Shin Hye really is.
She also visited a little boy named Christian who is sick with malaria.

You can see there is so much love in Shin Hye's eyes as she worked with the children of Ghana.

Our lovely Shin Hye has such a wonderful heart and soul. Thank you for making such a difference and inspiring us to do the same!

Please support our donation project for Save The Children Foundation and Christmas for Shin Hye. Let's give back what this wonderful girl has been giving to those less fortunate. We would like to thank everyone in advance for their generosity.

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