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Raina is excited for Orange Caramel’s comeback

After School‘s Raina posted a cute selca on Twitter recently, and expressed her excitement about sub-unit Orange Caramel‘s comeback.

Shin Dongho's me2day Update

바가지머리였는데 오늘은 특별히 컬을 살짝 줘봤어요~ 어때요?ㅎㅎ

Ji Hyun Woo reveals, “Jay Park looked discourteous at first sight.

On the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, Ji Hyun Woo appeared and said, “When I first met Jay he was wearing slippers and said hi by nodding slightly. To tell you the truth, he seemed discourteous.”

2011 Girls Generation tour in Singapore confirmed! 0

For all the fans of Girls Generation in Singapore, we’re calling you boys and girls to pay attention as your patience has been made shorter! .”

CNBLUE “In My Head” chosen as HOT SEAT by MTVJapan and more! 0

CNBLUE “In My Head” has been chosen as HOT SEAT by MTV JAPAN and the Music Video will be broadcast through out October.
Also, Space Shower TV Plus will broadcast CNBLUE “In My Head” Music Video from  October 1 to October 15 on Heavy Rotation.

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"Haru Haru" to be Released in Japan in November 0

On November 23rd, Big Bang will release a new album in Japan called, “The Best of Big Bang“.

According to reports from Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports, the album will feature 14 songs sung in Japanese, one of which being their famous track, “Haru Haru“.

“Haru Haru” was released back in August of 2008, and it’s become one of Big Bang’s most popular songs, earning nearly 22 million views on YouTube. A survey was held in mid-September which asked, “Which Korean song do you want to hear in Japanese?“, and “Haru Haru” was chosen with nearly 9,000 votes, totalling to 90% of the overall count. It’s said that the boys decided to release a ‘best-of’ album due to the immense popularity of these survey results.

Sankei Sports also reported that this version of “Haru Haru” will feature vocals from member Daesung, who’s currently put a hold on his promotions with the group due to a car accident scandal earlier this year.

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon shared, “This is a special album that was made for our Japanese promotions, and so we gathered all the songs which our Japanese fans specifically wanted to hear. We’ve worked hard on this album to please our fans.”

Source: DongA via Naver 
Translation: AKP 

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T.O.P, Seungri and G-Dragon Pose with CEO of Daorae KBBQ 0

Source: @shazniq01

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye to MC 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert with Shinee's Minho & 2PM's Taecyeon 0

Actress Park Shin Hye will be co-hosting the 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert with Ok Taecyeon from 2PM and SHinee's Minho.

The annual Dream Concert, the biggest concert of the year, will be held at the Gyeongju Civic Stadium on October 3 from 6pm to 10pm. 

It is confirmed that 19 idol groups and solo artists will be performing on stage which includes, TVXQ2PMSNSD,SHINeemiss AGD&TOPSe7enSECRETKim Gun MoZE:A4minuteB2STG.NAT-araDavichiSISTARIUMBLAQ, and INFINITE.

The hosts of the biggest Hallyu concert of the year are our beloved Shin Hye and Taecyeon from 2PM who recently starred in KBS drama 'Dream High' and also Shinee's Minho. 
This year’s Hallyu Dream Concert is co-organized by the Committee of “Visit Korea Year”, the city of Gyeongju, and theKorea Entertainment Producers’ Association with support from Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization. A total of 20,000 spectators including 5,000 overseas visitors are expected to attend the annual event.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is currently in Ghana, South Africa on a volunteer trip. She is expected to return to Korea this weekend.

FM Yokohama 84.7 : Wooyoung talks about Nichkhun 0

DJ : วันนี้เป็นคิวของอูยองคุง อูยองคุง ช่วยบอกข้อดีข้อเสียของนิชคุณให้ฟังหน่อยสิ
WY : นิชคุณเป็นคนที่ใจดี มีน้ำใจกับคนอื่นเสมอๆ อีกอย่างก็คือ เวลาปรึกษาเรื่องไม่สบายใจ เขาจะตั้งใจฟังเป็นอย่างดีและคอยคิดแก้ปัญหาร่วมกัน
เพราะว่าคอยให้คำปรึกษา เวลาได้คุยกับนิกคุนรู้สึกดีมากครับ ส่วนข้อเสีย ไม่มีนะครับ
Wooyoung talks about Nichkhun
WY: Although I already mentioned about his kindness and caring heart before, he also gives me pieces of advice,
so I feel very comfortable talking to him. I don’t see any bad points in him.
He listens to me and thinks about solutions of my problem with me.
Jpn-Thai-Eng: Pyngky,sakiHa @2pmalways

Short haired Park Min Young reveals, “I enjoy taking a shower because my hair got lighter.” 0

Actress Park Min Young revealed how she felt about cutting her short which was always long since her debut.
On the 30th at 4:00 p.m, Park Min Young uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I began to enjoy taking a shower after my hair became lighter.”
In the picture, Park showed off her innocent beauty with her short hair despite her casual clothes.
Netizens commented: “You look good with your short hair.” “I look forward to what you will show us with your new look.”
Park was cast in KBS 2TV’s Glorious Jane which will start its first episode on October 12.

Source: Starnews
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Lee Hyo Ri and Kim Kyu Ri at Paris 0

A fashion designer Yoni P tweeted some pictures with the comment “Women at Paris starring by Lee Hyo Ri & Kim Kyu Ri! When they walked along the street, the eyes of men at an outdoor pub widened.”
In the pictures, Lee and Kim are walking along the street in floral dresses. They are smiling brightly and seem to be close friends.
Netizens comment: “Floral-sisters! They are simply walking down the street, but it looks like a pictorial.” “They’ve got beautiful figures.” “Since when they’ve been close friends?”

Source: TV Report
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Lee Jun Ki reveals, “Don’t talk too much, Boom.” 0

Before a live radio show that was held at Seoul Peace Plaza, Lee Jun Ki had an interview with TV Report.  He said, “I saw Boom on TV and thought that he’s really funny.”
Lee added, “There were many interesting things at the military. I think Boom’s talks are full of wit since he’s a celebrity. I really appreciate him talking about us on the show, but don’t say too much… just kidding.”
Lee continued, “I really wish him success. I hope everything goes well.” He showed how much he cared about Boom. Actor Lee Dong Gun also cheered for Boom and created a friendly atmosphere.
There was a band performance in the first part of the concert, and a big show was held at the second part of the concert. Lee Dong Gun, Lee Jun Ki, and Yoon Sung Kyung emceed the event. Epik High also appeared on stage along with Psy, who was discharged from military in July, 2009.  His appearance made the concert even more significant.

Source: TV Report
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Yoon Seung Ah shows another side of her: “Do I look like a cold woman from a city?” 0

On the 30th, actress Yoon Seung Ah tweeted a picture with the comment, “A picture taken by Young Ho from Alaska!”
In the picture, Yoon is wearing black sunglasses enjoying a cup of coffee at a café. The picture is in black and white, giving it old but fashionable look.
Netizens comment: “You look like a New Yorker.” “You have a haughty but cute facial expression.” “I don’t see the character Sat Byul anymore.”

Source: TV Report
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Super Junior with Kim Janghoon gave amazing performance at Music Bank 0

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Yesung very well filled the absence of Heechul on Music Bank.
On September 30th KBS Music Bank, Kim Janghoon performed his duet song, ‘Break up is so like me’, with Super Junior members Yesung and Eunhyuk. Originally, this song was sung by Heechul with Kim Janghoon, but due to Heechul’s duties as public service officer, SJ members replaced him.

Kim Janghoon, Yesung, and Eunhyuk seem very friendly on and off the stage. Kim Janghoon also shared his picture with Yesung and Eunhyuk on his me2day.
Heechul’s fans were also happy to see his song sung by Yesung and Eunhyuk. They commented, “I miss Heechul, but Yesung and Eunhyuk did well”,”Heechul is so better, i wanted him to be there with Janghoon”

Kim Janghoon, Yesung and Eunhyuk Backsatge.

Kim Janghoon ‘Break up is so like me’ ft Eunhyuk & Yesung.

Source: Kimjanghoon me2day and beloved1106 via
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SNSD’s Seohyun shows off her beauty in Running Man 0

SNSD’s Seohyun shows off her beauty.
In the episode of SBS’s Running Man which airs on October 2, SNSD’s Yoona, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun appear on a race.
The shooting took place in Goyang-si, and the regular cast of the show cheered enthusiastically at SNSD’s appearance. The member of SNSD focused on given missions and led the show in a fun way.
Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo, one of the permanent cast of the show, did not appear because she was taking a rest at the hospital after collapsing from overwork.

Source: TV Report
Via :en.korea,com

Jang Jae In says, “Folk appeals to listeners with its sincere lyrics” 0

Singer Jang Jae In, “the Cinderella of folk songs,” performs at 2011 The 1st Paju Folk Festival held on October 1 to 3, and says, “I’m so honored to perform at the show with many other talented singers. I want to enjoy this festival in the audience, not as a performer.
I think folk appeals to listeners with its sincere lyrics. I’m trying to sing a song which is easy to understand and meaningful at the same time.”
Recently, Jang participated the movement for half tuition program by giving a small concert at Gwanghwamun. She said, “Well, I just wanted to show the society what I felt as a student, rather than trying to send some message to them.”
About folk concerts gaining popularity, Jang says, “It’s hard to say this folk music boom has suddenly emerged. There have been many people who are into acoustic music around Hongik University. Many auditioning TV shows and C’est Si Bon attracted people’s attention to folk music. But I see that folk song is having its gold age since acoustic guitars are on good sales.”
Jang looks up to folk singers Bob Dylan and Roberta Joni Mitchell, and says, “I think everything needs its balance. I wish K-pop broadens its genre as folk music gains more public recognition.”
2011 The 1st Paju Folk Festival will be held for three days. On the 1st, folk singers Han Dae Soo, Yoon Hyung Joo, Lim Ji Hoon, and Park Eun Ok perform. YB Band, Focus, Han Dong Joon, and Jang Pil Soon appear on the next day, and Jang Jae In, Jang Kiha And The Faces give dynamic performances on the 3rd.

Source: en.korea +TV Report

Jung Il Woo wears his clothes in a blink of an eye! “Just How fast?” 0

A video of Jung Il Woo at 2011 FW commercial shooting site was uploaded on Youtube and created a stir.
In the video, Jung started wearing an outfit that was thrown at him with a remote expression. At the end of the video, he smiled brightly and winked at the camera, which aroused attention from many female fans.
Netizens who watched the video responded: “You look tough yet lovely.” “How can you wear that so fast?” “Are you shooting a commercial? You’re so cute.”
Meanwhile, Jung will play the role of a pretty boy on Cable TV tvN’s Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop, which will start airing at the end of October.
YouTube Preview Image + TV Report

Jewelry’s Kim Yewon resembles many other singers: “Who?” 0

On an online community photo gallery, some pictures with the title “Jewelry’s Kim Yewon resembles many other singers,” were uploaded on September 30.
In the pictures, actress Ha Ji Won from Secret Garden, Koyote’s Shin Ji, 4Minute’s Kwon So Hyun, After School’s Raina, and Sohee of the Wonder Girls could be seen for having similar appearance as Kim.
Netizens comment: “Wow, Kim resembles all of them.” “The singers, who are said to resemble Kim, resemble one another.”
Kim has joined Jewelry since January and attracted attention for having similar appearance with Ha Ji Won and Raina.
Kim is giving performances of “Forget It” with another Jewelry member Park Semi as Jewelry S.

The release for SNSD’s new album, The Boys, is postponed until the middle of October 0

The release for SNSD’s third album, The Boys, is delayed.
A media says that sales for SNSD’s new album are postponed because the album will not be released on promised date.
An online music website notified, “The new release date of SNSD’s new album is not set. There will be further notification on this.”
It is said that the release date was originally set on the 3rd, but it is postponed until the middle of October.
SNSD’s agency, SM Entertainment, says it will soon announce its official position over delayed release date of the album.

Source: TV Report

(Fhoto) Cute Yoona Part 1 0

discover Korea-Girl's Generation (SNSD) | The only easy day was....

Green Land's: Maret 2011

girls accessories: Lirik 2PM & SNSD - Cabi Song (Caribbean Bay CF)

CN BLUE attend signing event for ‘Holika Holika’ 0

Cosmetics brand ‘Holika Holika‘ recently held a signing event with CN BLUE at the Shilla duty-free department from September 27th to the 29th.
The event was meant to congratulate CN BLUE on their major debut in Japan, as well as welcome international consumers who were visiting from overseas.
The brand put together a special edition package to commemorate the event, and the first 200 customers who purchased the package received additional gifts.
The members of CN BLUE were genuinely happy to greet all of their fans who came from China and Japan to see them, and even made some small talk with their Japanese fans, bringing out their much-practiced language skills.
Leader Jung Yonghwa remarked, “We just want to thank all of our fans who came so far just to see us and I hope that this experience will be memorable for all of you.”
‘Holika Holika’ has plans to expand, and will open a few new shops in October.
Source & Image: Nate

MBLAQ transforms into men of Fall for ‘High Cut’ 0


MBLAQ‘s Thunder, Lee Joon, and Seungho recently partnered up with Levi’s for the October edition of ‘High Cut’ magazine.

The photoshoot took place in a field of reeds, where the members transformed into men of Fall. The boys showcased different looks appropriate for the upcoming seasons of Fall and Winter. Donning in leather or quilted jackets, the members also threw on classic pieces for the cooler months, such as knit sweaters and dark jeans. Although they wore a more casual look for this pictorial, Thunder, Lee Joon, and Seungho managed to exude a magnetic charm that captivated their audience, just like as if they were on stage.
The full photoshoot will be revealed later on.


Source + Photo: High Cut
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Netizens uncover past clip of f(x)’s Sulli chewing on a shot glass 0


Netizens recently uploaded a video clip of f(x)‘s Sulli, called “When Sulli used to chew soju glasses”.

In the video clip, Sulli is seen dramatically chewing on a soju shot glass. Unlike her usual cute and sweet image, Sulli showed off a rare tough side that left fans baffled over this shocking image change.
As it turns out, this clip was actually from her 2007 movie, ‘Punch Lady‘, where Sulli plays a rebellious child.
Netiaens commented with “This is a totally different side of her” and “Although this is shocking, she was still really pretty!”
Check out the cuts of Sulli in the movie below! The ‘soju scene’ starts on 5:47.

Source + Image: Star Today
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Victoria gets asked: “Who do you want to see more, Nichkhun or your parents?” 0

It looks like the ‘Khuntoria‘ couple from MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ hasn’t faded away just yet. On the latest episode of KBS‘s ‘Happy Together‘, f(x)‘s Victoria was asked the question, “Who do you want to see more, Nichkhun or your parents?”
Flustered by the bold question, Victoria decided to give a neutral answer by saying, “I want to see Nichkhun, and I want to see my parents too.”
MC Park Myung Soo wasn’t ready to let go of the thread just yet. Though he persisted in asking for a proper response, Victoria showed her wit by combining her two answers, stating that she “actually wanted to see Nichkhun’s parents”.
This latest episode of ‘Happy Together’ also featured guests Lee Hong Ryul, Lee Kyung Shil, and CSJH‘s Dana.
Source: Newsen
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(News) Actor Yeon Jeong Hoon: "G-Dragon is my role model" 0

Actor Yeon Jeong Hoon said Big Bang member, G-Dragon is his "role model" for acting as a vampire which attracted attention from the public.

On 28th, Yeon Jeong Hoon attented the press conference of the new drama of CGV, "Vampire Prosecutor".

Yeon Jeong Hoon has to take up the character of vampire. He thinks it is challengling for him to take up such a role since he needs to place emphasis on the outlook too. He said, "Big Bang's G-Dragon has well established the visual image of a vampire."

He further elaborated, "In fact, at first I tried to watch foreign dramas and movies as my reference but after knowing there is such a large variety of vampire images, I prefer to take G-Dragon as my role model. I think among all of the Koreans, G-Dragon is the best in acting as a vampire. Personally, I am his fan."

The drama is about Yeon Jeong Hoon has become a vampire and how he tries to use his hidden ability to solve the cases for the Repulic of Korea.

The drama will be broadcasted as a 12-part drama on OCN and the first episode will be shown on 2nd of October.

Translation: Rice@bigbangupdates

(Video) G-Dragon new Beanpole CF w/ Superstar K3 30 Sep 0

Beanpole releases another TV CF of G-Dragon w/ Superstar K3.
He seemed wearing a wig in this one.

[News] Yoona holds up an umbrella for Geun Seok 30 Sep 0

Netizens uploaded a photo of Yoona from "Love Rain" shooting wherein she is seen holding up an umbrella for Jang Geun Seok.

The photo was circulated on 29th in an online community board. In the picture, Yoona is holding her yellow umbrella over Jang Geun Seok who is wetly wrapped in a big towel and smiling.

Fans who saw the photo commented, "I never thought they will look good together, can't wait!", "Yoona has a pretty chin line, wow!", and many more.

Their drama "Love Rain" will start to air next year with powerful group of cast including Son Eun-seo, Hwang Bo-ra, Seo In-guk and many more.

Source: NATE
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(Video) Secret revealed MV teaser for Shy Boy Japanese version! 0

Check out the teaser for Secret's 2nd Japanese single Shy Boy MV.

Do you like the Japanese version of this song?

Orange Caramel to return with "Shanghai" concept on October 13th 0

Orange Caramel (Nana, Raina, Lizzy) has become one of After School's most popular sub-unit after releasing a series of lovable singles such as "A~ing" and "Bangkok City." As reported, Orange Caramel will be returning with a new single this October with the concept of Shanghai.

The single, according to Pledis Entertainment, will be released on October 13th. An official at the agency continues to say that Shanghai was selected as the concept due in part of Orange Caramel's "One of Asia" project, which "Bangkok City" was under. The upcoming single will represent Shanghai.

Pledis Entertainment's official said, "The girls are currently putting the final touches to their album and they are busy working on the choreography. However, Orange Caramel won't promote the new album for a long period because they will have to focus on the release of After School's 2nd Japanese single in November."

As to what the "Shanghai concept" actually is, everything has been kept a secret.

Netizens expresses their excitement at Orange Caramel's return, albeit short, with comments like, "I've been waiting for Orange Caramel's comeback," "I'm wondering what the concept looks like," and "'Bangkok City' was good, can't wait."

Source: koreaboo 10asia , TV Report

T-ara Eunjung being considered for historical drama 0

Ham Eunjung [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Girl group T-ara member Eunjung is being considered for a role in a new historical drama.

An official with her agency Core Contents Media told 10Asia over the phone on Thursday that Eunjung has been asked to play Joseon Dynasty's Queen Sohye in the series tentatively titled "Queen Insu."

However, the official said it "will not be easy to decide on doing the show" due to T-ara's upcoming activities in Korea and Japan -- they recently made a debut in Japan and are set to release a new album in Korea in early November.

If Eunjung takes on the role she will play a young Queen Sohye while actress Chae Shi-ra is said to have been asked to play the queen of when she is older.

Queen Sohye, also known as Queen Insu, was the mother of Seongjong, the ninth king of the Joseon Dynasty.

The drama, set to show on JoongAng Ilbo's new general programming cable channel jTBC in early December, will revolve around Queen Sohye's life.

Eunjung, 23, is not new to the acting scene, having made her debut as a child actor in the early 1990s.

She has displayed her acting skills in various roles ever since including in SBS TV series "Coffee House" (2010), KBS' music drama "Dream High" (2011) and films "Death Bell" (2008) and "White" (2011).

She has also appeared in two historical dramas so far including SBS series "The Land" in 2005 and KBS series "The King of Legend" this year.


No Minwoo and Hwang Jungeum confirmed for "Full House 2" 0

Recently reported to have been offered the lead role in the upcoming drama "Full House 2", No Minwoo and Hwang Jungeum have finally confirmed their stance for the production.

Core Contents Media confirmed today that No Minwoo and Hwang Jungeum have signed on as the main leads for the drama. Netizens who found out about the news immediately expressed their delight to the new cast, with some anticipating the two play the roles that were originally portrayed by Song Hyegyo and Rain.

Just recently, No Minwoo teased his fans with his possible participation in one of his Twitter updates.

"Full House" was a highly popular drama, starred by Song Hyegyo and Rain, when it aired in 2004. It further gained a huge overseas following after its rights were sold to other Asian countries.

Source:koreaboo + TVReport

[Pic] Yoochun in BODA Magazine 0

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