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Raina is excited for Orange Caramel’s comeback

After School‘s Raina posted a cute selca on Twitter recently, and expressed her excitement about sub-unit Orange Caramel‘s comeback.

Shin Dongho's me2day Update

바가지머리였는데 오늘은 특별히 컬을 살짝 줘봤어요~ 어때요?ㅎㅎ

Ji Hyun Woo reveals, “Jay Park looked discourteous at first sight.

On the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, Ji Hyun Woo appeared and said, “When I first met Jay he was wearing slippers and said hi by nodding slightly. To tell you the truth, he seemed discourteous.”

2011 Girls Generation tour in Singapore confirmed! 0

For all the fans of Girls Generation in Singapore, we’re calling you boys and girls to pay attention as your patience has been made shorter! .”

[NEWS] U-Know Yunho vs T.O.P, Airport Fashion Doppelgangers? 0

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Big Bang’s T.O.P, who have recently rose as the airport fashionistas of the Hallyu Wave, have become a hot issue for wearing similar outfits.

On his return to Korea on the 11th of October after the New York-Korea Festival, U-Know Yunho could be seen wearing mirror-style sunglasses, a black print t-shirt and black pants, finishing the stylish look off with a safari jacket.

Big Bang’s T.O.P, who was on his way to New York for a photoshoot, wore Boeing sunglasses, a white t-shirt, black pants and a khaki safari jacket, and gave the appearance of being U-know Yunho’s doppelganger as the two stars took on a similar casual and chic look.

The jacket both stars chose is a product from Calvin Klein Jeans and is part of a sporty and stylish set with a zip-up hoodie cardigan. The two components can be worn separately or together and are perfect for chilly autumn weather.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as, “They both look great”, “It’s hard to pick a winner”, “Their looks perfect the style”, and “How do they make such ordinary clothes look so stylish?”

Source: BNT
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Via: big bang update

[PHOTOS] Taeyang, T.O.P and Seungri with Lee Yeon Hee for North Face x Singles 0

Source: Singles
Via : big bang update

Ko Ara in the United States: “Is she shooting pictorials on the bus?” 0

On the 23rd, entertainer Ko Ara tweeted a picture with the comment “I’m on the bus in the States.”
In the picture, Ko is on the bus and making poses for the camera. She is wearing big sunglasses which are covering half of her face and making poses as if she was shooting some pictorials.
Netizens comment: “You have a very small face.” “Your everyday life should be on pictorials.” “You look mature.” “When can I see you in TV series again?”
Ko visited the United States in order to participate in SM Town concert which will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Source: Starnews
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2AM’s Chang Min resembles Song Seung Hun? “so confident” 0


2AM’s Chang Min showed a look of himself full of confidence.
He updated a photo of himself on his Twitter on the 23rd and said, “taken on the set of magazine SURE photo shoot. No thoughts. It looks like he is relaxing his wrists before a big fight in the photo. His eyebrows make him look like Song Seung Hun.”

In the picture, Chang Min is having a vacant look on his face but he seems like he is longing for something as well. Especially his dark eyebrows remind of Song Seung Hun and draw people’s eyes.
Twitterers said, “his eyebrows really look like Song Seung Hun’s,” “so much alike,” “I guess you can be an actor as well,” “I think the magazine photos also came out perfectly,” and so on.

Source: Starnews
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SNSD’s Jessica shows off her unique sense in fashion at the airport: “She looks like a doll!” 0

SNSD’s Jessica shows off her unique sense in fashion at the airport.
On the 22nd, SNSD left for New York to give performance at SM Town Live World Tour concert.
Each member of SNSD attracted fans’ attention with their distinguishing sense of fashion at the airport. Jessica, in particular, revealed her gorgeous figure with a knit cardigan and a pair of hot pants.
In addition, she wore a brown hat and a scarf with the patterns of skulls. Her stylish and natural hairstyle completed her fashion.

Netizens comment: “She has a doll-like  figure and appearance.” “Her pink cheeks are adorable.” “Have fun.” “You have a great sense in fashion.”

Source: TV Report
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SNSD’s Jessica looks elegant in long dress. 0

On October 20, SNSD leader Jessica attended ‘Love you W’ a breast cancer awareness event, where she grab media attention because her elegant and sensuous dressing style.
She was wearing a long brown dress which looked amazing on her long slim body.


Source: Nate
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SJ’s Leeteuk comparing fellow member Siwon to Horse. 0

Recently, Super Junior leader Leeteuk joyously tweeted a picture of him riding a dummy horse and wrote, “Riding Siwon….. go to New York…I am going to New York by riding this Siwon Horse!!”
Leeteuk often comically call Siwon a horse because of his tall and muscular personality. Moreover, he looks excited for NY concert.

Fans comically repied to his tweet, “will ‘this Siwon’ would take you to NY”,”wonder what would Siwon say after seeing this tweet!! hahaha”

Source: Leeteuk’s twitter
Via: korea,com

Sistar gives “Ma Boy” performance 0

In KBS 2’s New York Korea Festival that aired on the 22nd, Sistar gave an outstanding performance of “So Cool” and “How Dare You.”
After singing “So Cool” and “How Dare You,” the group gave another performance of “Ma Boy” which was only performed by Sistar 19, Hyo Lyn and Bora.

New York Korea Festival was held on the 9th in New Jersey in order to celebrate 20th anniversary since Korea joined the United Nations.
Besides Sistar, other singers which performed at the festival include TVXQ, 2PM, SHINee, 4Minute, B2ST, G.Na, In Sooni, Tae Jin Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Maya.

Source: TV Report

SNSD Seohyun shows off a feminine look fashion at the airport 0

SNSD’s Seohyun shows off a feminine look fashion at the airport.
On the 22nd, Seohyun showed up at Incheon International Airport to leave for New York for SM Town Live World Tour concert.

Seohyun was dressed in mixed colors of blue and beige.
She wore a long, knitted blue skirt with an angora sweater, which not only kept her warm, but also emphasized a womanly look. Her walkers were matching her sweater and purse matching her skirt.

Source: TV Report
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2PM at New York Korea Festival 0

In KBS 2’s New York Korea Festival that aired on the 22nd, 2PM performed “Hands Up” and “10 Points Out Of 10.”
About 100,000 people crowded at the concert, and the park was full of fans inside out. Fans gave an enthusiastic cheer when 2PM showed up and opened the concert with “Hands Up” and “10 Points Out Of 10.”

After performing “Hands Up,” the group introduced the next song in fluent English.
New York Korea Festival was held on the 9th in New Jersey in order to celebrate 20th anniversary since Korea joined the United Nations.

Besides 2PM, other singers which performed at the festival include TVXQ, Sistar, SHINee, 4Minute, B2ST, G.Na, In Sooni, Tae Jin Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Maya.

Source: TV Report
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Secret reveals on Quiz To Change The World: “We’ve been living without a cell phone for two years now.” 0

In the episode of MBC’s Quiz To Change The World that aired on the 22nd, Secret’s Han Seon Hwa and Song Ji Eun, who returned with the song “Love Is Move,” appeared.
Song said, “I’ve been living without a cell phone for two years now. We’re kind of trapped.”
Han added to Song saying, “I really want my boss to allow us use cell phones,” complaining that she had to borrow one of her friend’s cell phone to text Kim Shin Young, and once, Kim did not answer Han’s call because she usually does not pick up the numbers that are not saved in her cell phone.

Song also said, “Secret is not made of four twin sisters. One day, our boss offered u to buy a purse, so I chose one. But eventually, he ended up buying four same purses of the same color for all four of us.”
The episode also revealed that Kim Jo Han was Song’s vocal trainer once.

Source: TV Report
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Is Leeteuk and Kang Sora’s next date in school?? 0

Recently a fan based website upload Leeteuk and Kang Sora‘s picture in school uniform, entitled ‘Leeteuk, Kang Sora caught‘.
It is thought that Leeteuk and Kang Sora’s second date would be a ‘School Uniform Date’ It has been almost 10 years for Leeteuk to wear school uniform but still he looks so fit and  good in it, while  Sora in mini skirt and cute hair style looks adorable.

Viewers commented, “Leeteuk look fit and fresh in school uniform”,”Date in school uniform, good idea”

Source: Nate
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G.Na visits LA in a bottomless fashion 0

On the 22nd, G.Na tweeted a picture with the comment “I feel really upbeat. Even if I’m dead tired, I become hyper when I visit such places.”
Previously on the 20th, G.Na tweeted, “I’m leaving today. How’s the weather in LA? I’m curious, let me know.”

In the picture, G.Na is making many different poses in front of a mall. Each of her poses matches well the background, making it look like a pictorial. Her bottomless fashion reveals her beautifully shaped legs.
Netizens comment: “You look gorgeous.” “You look so pretty. Have fun!” “Wow, where are you at? I want to go there.” “You have the greatest figure. I envy your bottomless fashion.”

Source: TV Report
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Why did Jang Keun Suk appear at the Daejong Film Awards? 0

The episode of KBS 2’s Entertainment News that aired on the 22nd covered the 48th Daejong Film Awards ceremony.
Actor Jang Keun Suk made a surprise appearance for actress Kim Ha Neul who was nominated for the top acting award.

Jang said that he was not invited for the ceremony but he dropped by after school to congratulate Kim, giving her a bouquet of flowers.

When a reporter from Entertainment News asked what he would do if she does not win the award, Jang said jokingly, “Well, then we’re off for some pork belly and soju.”
That day, Kim did win the top acting award at the 48th Daejong Film Awards

Source: TV Report
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Photos of miss A’s Suzy before debut revealed 0

Past photos of miss A‘s Suzy before her debut were recently posted on an online community board In the photos, Suzy has that same innocent, girl-next-door charm she has now.
In a few, a much younger Suzy showed off her milky-white skin wearing her school uniform and sporting the mandatory chin-length haircut for all schoolgirls in Korea.  Her bangs were clipped back with a pearl barrette as she made a cute face for the camera, adding to her adorable charm.
Netizens commented on the photos with, “She was cute then too“, “She looks the same“, “She was born with a pretty face“, etc.

Source & Image : Nate
Via : allkpop

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Twitter Account Gets Hacked 0

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Twitter account has been hacked.
On October 22, a tweet with racial slurs was posted under Sohee's account. Netizens who saw that tweet doubted that Sohee would write such a thing.

Even 2PM's Taecyeon left a reply, "Sohee, I think someone hacked into your account." To this Sohee replied, "I said goodnight and went to bed and after I opened my eyes. I saw the mention. Thank you."
Following this, the official JYP Twitter account posted, "Sohee's Twitter account has been hacked. We are looking into it right now and will take charge of it. Thank you." The official Wonder Girls Twitter account posted a similar message and thanked the fans who alerted them about this.

Netizens who received this information said, "There's no way a public figure would post that," "You have to be careful of hackings these days," "It's a relief that they will take charge right away," "I hope Sohee isn't misunderstood through this," and so on.

Wonder Girls will have their comeback in November and is currently under heavy preparations.


Lee Hong Ki had a hemorrhage because of dance criticism. 0

Lee Hong Ki of FT ISLAND was humiliated.
Boom kids and Rainbow cheering squad appeared on Starking on the 22nd.
Rainbow cheering squad caught the eye of everyone with their cheer and a good stage manner. They did acrobatics and danced one of Brown Eyed Girls’ dances with the members.

Lee Hong Ki showed confidence saying, “I can’t be defeated by children.” Lee Hong Ki, Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun danced with the children but Lee Hong Ki only struggled.
The dance was stopped. Finally, Rainbow cheering squad pointed out saying, “You got to fold like this.” Lee Hong Ki said, “Can you sing like this?” Therefore, he got the goose.

Source: TV Report
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Sunny of SNSD appeared on the comeback stage with a blond wig. 0

Sunny of SNSD appeared on the comeback stage with a blond wig.
Sunny appeared on Music Bank on the 21st and performed ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Taxi.’
Sunny appeared on the stage with a blond wig of bobbed hair and it captivated many people.
However, blond bobbed hair is a wig. Sunny was worried whether she will be on stage with her real hair.

Sunny said in an interview just before the release, “Bobbed hair is a wig. I’m happy that most people like it. I suggested the hair style but I’m not still sure whether I should wear that wig.”
Sunny and her company decided to wear it in return for fans’ love. Also, the hair style goes well with the song.

Sunny showed off her charms with the wig on Music Bank.
SNSD will continue their activities through Music Core on the 22nd. SNSD will go to the States after Music Core for SM Town Concert on the 23rd. f(x), BOA, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINEE and more will appear on SM Town Concert.

Source: Starnews
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Hong Kyung Min wins first place to sing “At White Night” on Immortal Song 2 0

Hong Kyung Min was honored to win at the round featuring Geon young Rok’s immortal songs.
On Immortal song 2, which aired on the 22nd, Hong Kyung Min sang “at the white night” and won the first place, beating Huh Gak.

Hong’s winning on Immortal Song 2 is meaningful in that it was his first winning on that program and he sang the song of Jeon, who is a widely respected singer. Jeon is also well known as a dad of T-ara’s Boram.
In Hong’s pre-interview, he showed confidence, saying, “I’ve wanted to take after Jeon since I was little. I re-arranged the song with hard core style. I will show you good the genre is.”

Hong captured the audience’s mind with a powerful singing voice and impressed them with fantastic re-arrangement.
Hong commented on winning, “I’ve been learning a lot and feeling a lot. This trophy is gorgeous.”

Source: TV Report
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On We Got Married, T-ara’s Eunjung feels jealousy 0

T-ara’s Eunjung didn’t hide her jealousy, being sensitive to her virtual husband Lee Jang Woo’s attention.
On We Got Married, which aired on the 22nd, Lee and Eunjung attended yoga class.
The coupled joined the yoga class for their health. Lee was reluctant to go to the yoga class but looked happy to see a beautiful yoga instructor.

Lee went on to smile since Lee had continuous physical contact with the instructor while learning the various yoga positions. Eunjung couldn’t hide jealousy and said, “We’re done. Let’s go home,” which made people laugh.

Source: TV Report
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4MINUTE’s Hyun Ah releases pictures showing off her milky white skin 0

4MINUTE’s Hyun Ah recently released four pictures showing off her milky white skin.
On the 22nd, Hyun Ah tweeted four pictures with the comment: “On the way for schedule, I feel so good.”
She seems to be so skillful at taking a picture of herself.
In the picture, Hyun Ah is making fun and cute faces. Especially, her milky white skin is catching people’s attention.
People responded, “She’s always sweet.” “She is shiny.” “I wish I had skin like hers.”

Source: TV Report
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Jaejoong’s apartment to feature in Maison 0

Maison Magazine is a well-known interior-decorating korean magazine. JYJ Jaejoong will be featured in the November issue of Maison Magazine. But this time round, the limelight will fall on his newly furnished apartment instead of the gorgeous man.

Two teaser photos were uploaded on Maison’s facebook page, all the more increasing the curiousity of fans. So far, Jaejoong has only tweeted photos of himself in the apartment. Fans are definitely in for a treat with this magazine’s issue!

“His apartment fits a bachelor in his twenties and the conceptual designs were rather manly (mannish), as designed in the living room, bedroom, guest rooms, work room and a small guest reception space etc, which consist of many different concepts. Jaejoong loves to stay at home and thus hoped that every space in the house would be as though “traveling through a different trip”, and so it was designed in such an unique style.
Jaejoong was rather involved in this interior designing project. While he was filming ‘Protect The Boss’, he would make an effort to confirm the designs and maintained a good communication with the designer that “Maison” has recommended. As everything was done very well, it made us feel that we should let Jaejoong had a try on being the creative director. From my own perspective as an editor, this (feature story) dispersed our bias conception for artistes, especially idols.”

Source: Maison Facebookrachui@sharingyoochun(translations)
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Kim Hyun Joong meets his fans at chicken restaurant, showing his easy-going personality 0


Kim Hyung Joong’s easy-going personality is attracting people’s attention.
On one of the internet communities on the 21st, several pictures of Kim Hyun Joong were updated in the title of “Kim Hyun Joong toasting to his fans at a chicken restaurant. Not a fan meeting.”
In the picture, Kim Hyun Joong is toasting to the people filling the chicken restaurant. The fact that many people outside the restaurant are waiting to see him proves his popularity.

The writer said, “it’s what I saw yesterday after his fan signing! Kim Hyun Joong toasted to his fans and other people in the chicken restaurant which he and his friends own together! He didn’t care about other people’s eyes and comfortably had the dinner with his staffs,” explaining about the situation.

People responded to this, “he’s got a good personality. I envy the people there,” “it looks so nice. He is so humble that he doesn’t look like a superstar,” “his cheekbones are shining. He’s so cute,” and so on.
Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Joong released his 2nd mini-album “Lucky” and began his domestic activities starting with M Countdown on the 20th.

Source: Starnews
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Han Seung Yeon takes pictures at movie theater, “big eyes and white skin” 0


KARA’s Han Seung Yeon released photos of herself taken at a movie theater, showing off her perfect face.
She updated the pictures on her Twitter on the 22nd and said, “a break after a long time! I saw people and a movie at the corner of the big movie theater. Fun!”

The pictures she updated are a close-up shot of her face and a shot of her movie ticket. This shows that Han Seung Yeon went to watch Real Steel by herself. What attracts people’s attention from these pictures is her face with no makeup. Her big eyes and white skin draw people’s eyes.

Twitterers said, “did you go by yourself? Awesome,” “Wow! I was going to go to the movie theater today but didn’t. Have fun watching the film,”  ”are you really in your 20s? You still look like a teenager. I envy your baby face,” “I love your face with no makeup as well! You have a great weekend,” and so on.

Meanwhile, KARA has recently finished their domestic activities for the 3rd album “Step” and is going to focus on their activities in Japan.

Source: TV Report

Jang Keun Suk in disguise, “cuter than baby dinosaur Dooli” 0


Jang Keun Suk is attracting people’s attention by his disguise.
Jang Keun Suk updated a photo of himself on his Twitter on the 21st and said, “this is the famous Korean star’s disguise… No one can recognize me even if I stride down the Shinsaibashi.”
In the picture, Jang Keun Suk is wearing a green-colored character costume bringing up the image of a dinosaur and smiling in front of the camera, making a V-sign with his fingers.
Twitterers said, “I guess everyone can recognize you,” “he calls himself the famous Korean star. So cute,” “So hilarious, Keun Suk,” “cuter than baby dinosaur Dooli,” and so on.

Source: TV Report
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Kim Hyun Joong bows deeply at the waist. 0

Kim Hyun Joong’s bow has become the talk of the town.
Kim Hyun Joong’s pictures have recently posted on Internet community. In the pictures, Kim Hyun Joong bows deeply at the waist to his peers of the same age singers.
Kim Hyun Joong bows deeply at the waist not only to the seniors but also to the juniors.
His bow becomes a model of manners because of idol singers’ greeting and manners dispute.
Netizens said, “Behave well regardless of others’ ages.” “Learn how to bow from Kim Hyun Joong.” “He is so humble.”
Kim Hyun Joong made a comeback and took the first place on Music Bank on the 21st. 

Source: TV Report
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Leeteuk watches Kang So Ra with a jealous eye 0

Leeteuk, who is currently appearing on We Got Married, has already started to reveal his pure jealousy.
On We Got Married, which aired on the 22nd, Leeteuk and Kang had their first date.
They enjoyed their first date at the decent place overlooking the night view of Seould and Mt. Nam.
Lee didn’t hide his affection to his virtual wife and urged Kang not to become friendly with the actor, who she is shooting the series with.
When Kang said that she used to fancy GOD’s Son Ho Young, Lee looked a bit grim and quaffed water, which made people laugh.
Lee said, “You’re not his fan anymore, are you? He looks so cute and I also…” Kang really laugh pleasantly by his cute jealousy.
On the day, Lee also played the piano for Kang and showed his romantic side.

Resource: TV Report
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