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Raina is excited for Orange Caramel’s comeback

After School‘s Raina posted a cute selca on Twitter recently, and expressed her excitement about sub-unit Orange Caramel‘s comeback.

Shin Dongho's me2day Update

바가지머리였는데 오늘은 특별히 컬을 살짝 줘봤어요~ 어때요?ㅎㅎ

Ji Hyun Woo reveals, “Jay Park looked discourteous at first sight.

On the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, Ji Hyun Woo appeared and said, “When I first met Jay he was wearing slippers and said hi by nodding slightly. To tell you the truth, he seemed discourteous.”

2011 Girls Generation tour in Singapore confirmed! 0

For all the fans of Girls Generation in Singapore, we’re calling you boys and girls to pay attention as your patience has been made shorter! .”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appreciates his fans’ donation 0


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appreciated his fans’ donation.
The episode of Current Events Magazine 2580 that aired on the 13th reported about sasaeng fans who dangerously chase the celebrities they like and middle-aged female fans who are devoted to the celebrities they like.

As supporting celebrities by giving gifts has become a trend among fans, some fans try to promote their celebrities in various ways. One of them is donation. Kyuhyun, who is currently appearing in the musical The Three Musketeers, said, “Things get together little by little and become a big one, so I feel glad that I am able to help more and more people with my fans.”

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