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Raina is excited for Orange Caramel’s comeback

After School‘s Raina posted a cute selca on Twitter recently, and expressed her excitement about sub-unit Orange Caramel‘s comeback.

Shin Dongho's me2day Update

바가지머리였는데 오늘은 특별히 컬을 살짝 줘봤어요~ 어때요?ㅎㅎ

Ji Hyun Woo reveals, “Jay Park looked discourteous at first sight.

On the recording of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3, Ji Hyun Woo appeared and said, “When I first met Jay he was wearing slippers and said hi by nodding slightly. To tell you the truth, he seemed discourteous.”

2011 Girls Generation tour in Singapore confirmed! 0

For all the fans of Girls Generation in Singapore, we’re calling you boys and girls to pay attention as your patience has been made shorter! .”

(News) TVXQ Was Moved To Tears In Fan Meeting And Showed Their Newly Learnt Beijing Slang‏ 0

TVXQ’s “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 In Beijing” was held on 2nd of October, 7.30pm at Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium and this fan meet marks the premiere stage for Asian fans. That night, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmi took the stage with “Maximum”. In the midst of it, fan made videos touched Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho. They also learnt Beijing slang and used “Gei Li” (T/N: Be in supportive and do one’s best) and “You Mu You” (T/N: Cute version of “Isn’t it?”) to create sentences which created uproar within the fans. Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin also expressed that fans were considered as a member of TVXQ.

TVXQ performed their new and old songs, with fans creating the magnificent red ocean
It was a sold out night at Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium and was fully seated by 7pm. The only regret is that the fan meet ended on 9pm. The punctual appearances of Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin immediately set the fans screaming non-stop. The opening number was “Maximum” and both Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin appeared in white checkered suits. Jung Yunho who was dancing in a deep v-neck top was a bonus eye candy. The duo followed on with their best effort performing both new and old songs for the audiences, including “How Can I”, “Before You Go”, “The Way You Are”, “Mirotic”, “Rising Sun”, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”.

The dedicated performances by Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin gained fans’ enormous support. The thousands of fans were armed with two red light sticks, painting the Worker’s Gymnasium in red ocean. Each time TVXQ did a handsome action, the red ocean will be waving and screaming away, in fact the whole fan meet was in screams.

Interesting Q & A about Chinese culture and showed their newly learnt Beijing slang
After the dances, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin chatted with the host about Chinese culture. The host asked TVXQ if the official city flower for Beijing is chrysanthemum and if the human flow is 15million etc. Upon talking on whether Beijing slang is a dialect, the smarty Jung Yunho replied that he heard Beijing slang before and the “er” tone is very strong, thus it should be a dialect.

Jung Yunho followed on by showing off his newly learnt Beijing slang and expressed his feelings to his fans with “I am very happy today.” (T/N: He used the “er” tone for “today”.) He continued to understand another local slang and made a sentence with “Gei Li”, “Beijing fans are very supportive, Chinese fans are very supportive.” Changmin also shyly said, “I am handsome, isn’t it?” (T/N: He uses the “You Mu You”.) It gained the thunderous acknowledgement to his proclamation.

Jung Yunho revealed that he hope to visit China in the future for leisure and he ever visited the Great Wall of China for work. He even said that he watched “Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger” before and thought the sceneries in it were beautiful and wish to visit there. He also hopes for the chance to meet fans in Beijing again and would like to know China more for his fans.

TVXQ was moved to tears by fans and said that fans were considered as a member of TVXQ.
TVXQ’s fans prepared a special gift for the duo and it was two fan made videos. In one of the video, the fan drew the manga herself and another fan produced a video titled, “He and his thumbs-up story”. After the two videos were played, many fans were crying and Shim Changmin was seen continuously wiping his tears in the corner of his eyes away. The host expressed that both of them had teary eyes now. Shim Changmin expressed that having such fans gave them to gain strength and confidence.

The organizer had collected questions from the fans previously and there was a fan who asked about the status of Chinese fans in TVXQ. Jung Yunho said that he always feel apologetic towards Chinese fans and that Chinese fans were as though a member of TVXQ. Jung Yunho self revealed that the present from Chinese fans that was the most special was a bottle of sorghum liquor. He tried a mouthful and felt that it was much stronger than Korean liquor.

trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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